Alessia Cartoni

Holds a graduate degree in Cultural & Social Anthropology and and undergraduate degree in Art History from UAM University in Madrid. She also graduated in Dramatic Arts from Juan Carlos Corazza’s Studio in Madrid, Spain. Alessia is a facilitator, performer and director, a Theatre of the Oppressed and Theatre of Witness practitioner, and has been ImaginAction’s non-profit Co-Director from 2012 to 2014 in the U.S. As a facilitator, Alessia explores stories of trauma and resilience using Theatre of Witness, Autobiographical Storytelling, Rainbow of Desire, Ritual, music and movement. She has worked in Sudan, Guatemala, US, China, Northern Ireland, Spain, Italy, Norway, The Netherlands, Belgium and Colombia facilitating community based projects using Theatre of the Oppressed, Theatre of Witness, Council Circle, movement, dance, arts and storytelling. She creates theatre pieces with the very protagonists of the real stories in real life, that have been silenced or invisibilized by society. She directed in 2014 her first Theatre of Witness production in Belfast, Our Lives Without You, with the families of those killed in the Ballymurphy massacre. As a social educator Alessia has done therapeutic work with both children and adolescents whom are under the custody of IMMF, The Madrid Institute for the protection of children and Families. As a member of the therapeutic team, Alessia tapped the healing power of creativity and imagination as tools to help these children symbolize their difficult ordeals. Alessia has combined her training as a performer and anthropologist in her involvement with projects of international cooperation in which she has used Theater of the Oppressed methodologies. In Sudan she developed forum theater pieces dealing with female genital mutilation and forced marriage. Back in Spain, she has worked with Entreculturas NGO developing workshops geared to sensitizing people about the difficult conditions of South Sudan using Art therapy and other modalities. She currently works as a social educator with the marginalized youth of Madrid through Participatory Theatre.