Conchi Piñeiro

Is a trainer, a researcher and a facilitator, with sustainability as the core goal and passion for different methods and approaches. She was an activist and part of different social movements for more than 15 years. She is founder and an employee of Altekio, a collective experience of entrepreneurship in solidarity economy, that helps her to catalyse entrepreneurship in different projects.

She has been trained since 2001 in group facilitation in many different approaches and methods. She is currently studying Phase II of the Process Work Diploma. With this diverse experience, she has been part of a youth entrepreneurship and leadership training based on the Elos Philosophy or Oasis Methodology in communities in Mexico, Brazil and different places in Europe. Her experience of living and working in different countries, especially Mexico, connects her with her search for diversity.

In the environmental field, she holds a PhD in Environmental Education at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (2011), a University degree in Environmental Sciences (1997-2001), the Permaculture Certificate (2005) and the Ecovillage Design Education Training of Trainers Certificate (2011).