Federica Ravera

Is a PhD in Ecological Economics and Environmental Science at the University Autonomous of Barcelona (Spain). She is currently postdoctoral researcher at the ICAAm (Instituto de Ciências Agrárias e Ambientais Mediterrânicas), of the University of Evora, working on social innovation in agrifood systems as socio-ecological systems in the Mediterranean. She is an interdisciplinary researcher concerned by issues related to value incommensurability, participation and deliberative processes, knowledge integration and transdisciplinarity. Her research is framed by disciplines such as ecological economics and political ecology and based on theories of resilience and vulnerability of socio-ecological systems to global change. Her research interest focuses on evaluating factors, practices, institutions which support processes of adaptation to change and transitions of socio-ecological systems towards sustainability. She has experiences in the global South, especially working in mountain regions and semi-arid systems in Asia and Latin America. One of the lines of her recent research is specifically interested in intersectionality feminist theories applied to explore gender issues and the distribution of roles and power relations in conservation and management of agro-biodiversity and ecosystem services for reducing vulnerability and enhancing adaptation to climate change. Recently she has mainly collaborated in research-action projects with groups of women. She worked within a CCAFS project looking at barriers and potentialities for local adaptation through agrobiodiversity conservation working with groups of women in Himalaya. Currently, she is working with the RAL, la Red Agroecologica de LOja, a network born for the management of the local agri-food system in the Andean region of southern Ecuador. The network is mainly represented by women and based on new collective rules built on the principles of agro-ecology.