Ukerewe District Executive Director (DED), DED acknowledges the Green Voices project in Ukerewe and has promised to call the District Management team meeting where Leocadia will be invited to share and meet different experts to see how Green Voices activities can be mainstreamed in the district plans. 


Ukerewe District Commissioner Mr. Joseph Makirikiti – a courtesy call to his office. The DC is in full support of the Green Voices and advices  to make sure as much as possible women participants own the project to ensure sustainability after the project.



 In the field  Meeting 21 of 25 very happy green voices participants. Women are very grateful to get opportunity to get orange fleshed sweet potatoes seeds and training on how to cultivate. They say the potatoes will take only five minutes to be ready to eat. Here there is also aspects of efficient use of energy be it charcoal or firewood.  Therefore impact on adaptation to climate change in term of alternative crop and efficient use of energy.



Secelela  Balisidya Introducing green voices and the foundation for women of Africa to the bukongo villagers in an awareness meeting to introduce orange fleshed sweet potatoes project. 




 Posted by: Tukuswiga Mwaisumbe at MONDAY, 25th April 2016