Women at Tabata Kinyerezi-zimbili in Dar es salaam have responded positively to green voices initiatives in climate change mitigation and adoptation.

They have joined forces and supported Dr Sophia Mlote’s project on organic farming in greenhouse as the mean to mitigate climate change effects whereby these allow farmers to grow many different kinds of crop in climates that may not be hospitable.

The development of greenhouse farming techniques has generally resulted in more overall food for the whole world and helped to reduce hunger problems. it’s also been helpful in allowing people to buy almost any fruit or vegetable at their local grocers regardless of whether the food is out of season.

greenhouse has been advantageous to farmers due to its capacity to carefully control temperature. 


organic farming in greenhouse beneficiaries in a group photo.


 Tomato crops in the greenhouse.


Green voices participants receiving instructions from the trainer Abdul Hamaro ( Agronomist from Tanzania Association of Horticulture-TAHA) on the seeding of tomato, watermelon, cucumber and spinach crops. 



Posted by Farida Hamis, May 04th 2016.