Magdalena’s miraculous bucket rainfall on the move

By Secelela Balisidya

After her training in Madrid,Magdalena Bukuku came back toTanzania to implement her Green Voices project on oyster mushroom farming. She is engaging 20 women who are now fully fledged farming the mushroom in their two groups. 

Magdalena established mushroom farming for economic empowerment and adaptation to climate change to women who are most vulnerable to effects and impacts of climate change.

So far together with the 20 women she has collected crops residue like maize, rice husks, dried banana leaves and use for mushroom farming. She has also trained the women on mushroom preparation and preservation. 

Myself and my fellow journalists visited Magdalena to see how she moves with her project


Arriving at Boko area in Kinondoni District Dar es Salaam in one of oyster mushroom farm site

The project is implemented in two groups one called Mtakuja having 10 members in Boko area and another group in Bunju called Tunza Women Group also having 10 members. 


In Boko we also met the Village Executive Officer Mr. Ernest Mponda (standing back at the photo) who promised to provide all necessary support to help Mtakuja group also get technical and financial support from other sources at the District and other higher levels.

At this stage, the polythene bags filled with residues of banana and sunflower leaves are poured in the iron drum with boiled water whereby steam evaporating from the boiling water is what sterilize all the bacteria to leave the polythene bags safe for planting oyster mushroom seeds.

At Bunju with the second group, Secelela Balisidya,coordinator of field activities in Tanzania introducing Foundation for Women of Africa and the Green Voices project.

The Kinondoni District Principal Agriculture Officer Esther Chiombola proving training on how to cultivate oyster mushroom.

The Bunju Ward Executive Officer representative Roda Mrutu appreciating the decision of the Foundation for Women of Africa to include Magdalena Bukuku in the project because it is because of this that other 20 women are benefiting from the Green Voices

The Kinondoni District Agriculture Officer representative Lucresia Tarimo appreciating Green Voices project and that her district is part of the project.


Practical cultivation of oyster mushroom in the Bunju group farm.


Magdalena Bukuku closing the training session in Bunju