Urban agriculture proves success through Green Voices

By Secelela Balisidya

Dr. Sophia Mlote is one of 10 women implementing Green Voices project after intensive training that took place in Madrid Spain between Feb –March 2016. She lives in Dar es Salaam, the biggest commercial city of Tanzania which is crowded with buildings and other infrastructures that make it very difficult to practice agriculture. 

After coming back she successfully organized about 15 women neighbours and shared with them knowledge she gained from Spain on organic farming among other adaptation and mitigation measures to impacts and effects of climate change. 

Dr. Mlote has installed a green house within her fenced house where together with other15 women are cultivating tomatoes.

Since she was back to Tanzania in March 2016, every Saturday the women she organised meet for one hour to gain knowledge and skills on how to practice organic farming from Dr. Mlote herself and with the help of # trainers from Tanzania Horticultural Association (TAHA). At the end, the women neighbours will also install green houses in their homes and practicing organic farming.

One Saturday, the five journalists who participate in the Green Voices project visited Dr. Mlote and her women group and witnessed several activities going on as captured by their cameras:



Dr. Sophia Mlote providing an overview of climate change before
welcoming the trainer



Coordinator of Green Voices field activities in Tanzania Ms. Secelela Balisidya introducing the Foundation for Women of Africa and the Green Voices to the people attending the training session



Trainer Abdul Hamaro-Agronomist from Tanzania association of horticulture (TAHA) providing training on organic farming


Organic farming in green house beneficiary explaining type of crops she will establish after learning this type of farming from the green house that is installed at Sophia Mlote’ house as a learning point for the project


Organic farming in green house beneficiary receiving one of vegetable seeds to plant in her home site. This is after learning from every Saturday’s training that started in March 26, 2016. The training is ongoing every Saturday with trainers from TAHA.

Green house with grown tomatoes for learning organic farming


Now participants in the seeding of tomatoes,cucumber,and spinach activity ready for growing in the green house and later distributed to participants to plant in their farmlands/green houses


Organic farming in green house beneficiaries in group photo


Dr. Sophia Mlote and the five green voices journalists who visited her. From left is Siddy Mgumia,Secelela Balisidya, Sophia Mlote,Farida Hamis,Tukuswiga Mwaisumbe and Judica Losai


Lunch after hard work!